November 1, 2009

All-time record attendance!

Awesome mega wow! We broke our all-time record and had 73 guests! We thank all our guests and also sincerely apologize to those, who had to leave hungry. This was so unexpected so we completely ran out of food, there were even more people coming in but we had to turn them away.. This really shows how much people are interested in vegan food and lifestyle! I hope next time there will enough food for everyone.

So today we served mashed potatoes with dairy free creamy seitan sauce, mung bean sprouts, carrot sticks, whole grain crackers and hummus. For dessert we had delicious chocolate mocca pastry. It was so popular I didn't get a bite..

Maybe all of you aren't so familiar with seitan. It is wheat protein. It's rather easy to make, cheap and nutritious. Here are rather good instructions with pics for making seitan. It looks kinda funny, it's rubbery and stretchy. Some vegans and vegetarians don't like it, because it so closely resembles meat. Here in Jyväskylä gluten flour is available at least in eco-shop Ekolo at the pedestrian zone.

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  1. Hi!! thanks a lot for the food! it was so delicious!
    But I forgot my bag there, When could I take it? I would like take as soon as possible. My e-mail: